Couple's Retreat

17-19th May, 2019

Do you want to feel more connected, communicative and loving in your relationship? Perhaps you are starting a new relationship and want to set a solid foundation for growth and not make the same mistakes you did in the past? Or perhaps you have been together for quite a while and have lost a bit of passionate connection and would like to rekindle the flame? Or maybe you just want to spend a fun, relaxing, intimate weekend together?

The “Couples Retreat” led by Nicole Porter & Brendan Ries will be beneficial for any couple, at any stage of development. This interactive retreat will offer information, tools and experiential
activities throughout the weekend that will improve your relationship vision, communication, understanding, empathy, and depth of intimacy. If you would like to develop, or re-develop and discover the conscious unfolding and healing that your relationship has to offer for growth and greater potential, this is the perfect retreat for you. It is also a great way just to unwind, relax and spend some quality time together.

Nicole and Ries have both been living, working and studying throughout the East and West for the last 19 years. A central part of their lives, work and studies have been Mindfulness, Conscious Community and Relationships. Coming together and combining their experience, they have over 30 years of teaching, facilitating, hosting and leading classes, workshops and retreats in Japan and other parts of the world. Nicole is a Certified Yoga Therapist, and Conscious Movement Teacher, Ries has an MA in Teaching and Certification in Group Facilitation and Conflict Transformation. They have both received lay-ordination as Meditation and Mindfulness Teachers, and are also both Certified Couples Coaches.

They see relationship as an integral part of growth, true health and happiness, and through their own work together on their relationship they have moved into greater and deeper understanding and love for themselves, each other, and life as a whole. They are passionate about this process and looking forward to sharing their experience and practices with other couples during this retreat.


This price is inclusive of all meals, workshops, yoga & meditation classes, plus a half hour massage or spa treatment. There will be free time each afternoon for you to spend as you please, on the beach, by the pool relaxing, spoiling yourself with some additional spa treatments or a one on one consultation with one of our professional consultants.

Men's Retreat Participant

   Reviewed August 2016


“The retreat experience provided a safe and comfortable atmosphere to experience and put into practice practical and life-changing learnings. The program is perfectly balanced to engage participants across health, nutrition, mind and motivational modalities… I walked away from the retreat with the confidence that my life can change in a positive way… I was supported and encouraged, which made sharing easy and gave me a sense of confidence and belonging… I have new purpose and goals as a result of my learnings, and would encourage men and women alike to extend themselves into a retreat, they will walk away renewed and motivated with a solid practical plan to improve themselves, their family and friends.”

- Rod 

Owner/Retreat Coordinator
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