Silent retreat

Hurt people hurt people. That's how pain patterns get passed on, generation after generation. Break the chain today. Love is the weapon of the future.


Yehuda Berg



  • Learn life management skills and strategies that enable you to build self-esteem and self-reliance.

  • Recognize your emotional reactions to stressful situations.

  • Identify any ineffective coping behaviours.

  • Learn to use new skills and strategies to make positive, more effective choices.

  • And you will return  home with these new skills to use in your everyday living for the rest of your life.

"Before I went on the retreat, my biggest burden to myself was spending too much time getting angry and bottling up all the little things in life. I had low self-esteem and a lot of insecurities. I would constantly over-think and not deal with the stress and hurt in my life. The retreat brought up hurt I experienced over 10 years ago that I never knew I had.  My companion helped me work through it along with many other problems, so that I was able to move forward.

"Before the retreat, I was always trying to make other people change their ways that I may have disagreed with, but after the retreat I learnt that I really couldn't control other people and their choices but what I could do was deal with my own; make the right choices for myself. The retreat not only taught me how to deal with my problems in a positive way,

it has taught me how important love is again. " 

 - from Bundaberg


15 OCTOBER - 21 OCTOBER 2017

"Do you suffer from lack of self worth, anxiety, depression or any other form of distressing emotion, and do you simply need to take time out in a beautiful, safe environment?

If so, this retreat is for you"

This retreat is a very private journey and one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself.


Our retreats are relaxing, refreshing, encouraging, enriching and lead to much longed-for freedom. We believe that all true healing starts from within. Our retreat facilitates your awareness of this inner healing power. Your fullest potential will be awakened through self awareness and personal focused time.


Our aim is to enable you to claim a healthy emotional &  psychological sense of wellbeing.

From early life, many of our caregivers (and others as well) had been hurting in their own lives, and so have unknowingly inflicted this hurt on us.  We have carried this hurt on through our own lives, and have hurt so deeply that we sometimes pass this hurt on to others  - often the ones we love. 


Obstacles ranging from pain of rejection,  abuse of any kind,  to issues such as resentment,  are all within the scope of this retreat experience. 


While you do follow a set program each day, you will also have plenty of time for relaxation and reflection. This retreat is about you and for some people it is the first time they have taken time out just for themselves.

This retreat is totally free of alcohol and all drugs. (Naturally prescription medication will continue)

Your life will be different because YOU will be different!

Why is it so important?
Some people think that the silence is a strange thing - until they begin to experience it. The silence is valued so highly because it allows you to hear the wisdom coming from your own heart, and therefore come in touch with who you really are. The silence keeps you focused on YOUR story and is an integral part of your healing journey.
As the grieving/healing process is a journey, you will experience it in stages. To help and guide you through the process you will have the opportunity to spend up to 40 minutes a day, 1 on 1, with a member of the team who will be assigned to you for the duration of the retreat. You will progress through the various stages in a completely confidential and safe space, all the while being assured the what you are feeling is understood and quite normal.

"This retreat opened my heart to my inner wisdom. The healing power of journaling is miraculous and after confronting my fears I was able to move on with life, understanding that all of the answers are within."

  - Yvonne


"Only good things to say.  Keep up the wonderful work that you do.  I feel very blessed to have been a participant in this retreat."

 - Shelley

"The retreat was a wonderful experience.  It has opened my heart and healed a lot of old wounds."

  - Mario

We Believe in the essence of love
within the heart of each person.
As each person heals, this then
impacts on the lives of those we love
- and on future generations


Arrival: 3pm, 2 June 2017

Departure: 10am, 8 June 2017


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(07) 4936 2964

0439 662 935



Price includes:

Six nights single accommodation, light meal on first night & 2 course lunch each day with breakfast on final day.


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