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Discover new sources of energy & vitality with a holiday experience that can transform your life! Escape to a truly beautiful part the world nestled beach-side and flanked by Australian bush-land. Succumb to the gentle nurturing of our professional team. Relax. Disconnect from the pressures of daily life. Seek positive change, improve health and vitality, and restore well-being.


Our gifted and inspiring industry specialists reach out to offer dedicated support, bringing warmth and friendliness to all they do. In a beautiful place where family, faith and friendship all blend together you will be empowered to make positive lifestyle changes, enabling you to achieve your personal goals revealing a healthier, happier and more motivated you.


Wellness Retreats at Rosslyn Bay Resort and Spa are an effortless experience….from the moment you arrive you are taken care of like a long lost friend. Every detail of the retreat is thoughtfully and lovingly planned; you will be nurtured and immersed in life changing experiences with memories to cherish long after you return home. We will take you on a journey of self-exploration, providing the inspiration, self-knowledge and practical skills to chart a course for a happier, healthier life.

Due to Covid lockdowns and restrictions, we have paused our Wellness Retreats for the time being. Please watch our Rosslyn Bay Yoga and Wellness facebook page to find out when we get them back up and running.

Ross O'Reilly

Owner/Manager/Principle - Rosslyn Bay Resort & Spa, Rosslyn Bay Wellness Retreats, Beaches Restaurant, High Valley Dawn Organic Farm, O’Reilly’s Real Estate; Professional Corporate, Success and Life Coach


Ross had a very humble beginning being one of 11 children raised on a small dairy farm. After leaving school and home at the age of 15, Ross has packed an abundance of learning, spiritual and personal growth, life and business experiences, sports coaching, business coaching, leadership mentoring, team building, life and success coaching into his life so far. Through his own life experiences and travel to many parts of the world over the last 30 years to study under some of the best masters on the planet, Ross has gained a wealth of knowledge and his mission is to share his learnings with as many people, leaders and teams as possible. Ross is also qualified in Holistic Wellness Coaching, Timeline Therapy, Hypnotherapy and is an NLP Practitioner.                           


Ross's true passion and purpose in life is empowering people, leaders and teams to reach their true potential. Ross is forever grateful to have had the opportunity to play this game of life and to learn what he has from many great teachers and life itself. He has a love for sharing these enlightening insights with as many people, leaders and teams as possible for the better good of humanity and our beautiful planet earth. 

Grant has been studying and teaching a variety of yoga and meditation styles for over 20 years both locally and internationally.


Coming from a background in professional dance and theatre, he co-founded Yoga BC in Woolloomooloo Sydney and taught at The Living Room Coogee and Bondi Gym before returning to his homeland of Central Queensland where he operated a yoga and fitness program at CQU Rockhampton and also ran retreats and taught yoga here at Rosslyn Bay Wellness.


For the last 5 years he has been working on Mustique Island in the Caribbean as a resident yoga/fitness instructor and masseur, working with some of the world’s most famous and influential people. He has also worked in NZ, Vanuatu, the East Coast of USA, The UK and Europe.


His style infuses many forms of yoga, pilates, tai chi, dance, martial arts and meditation.


Grant has long desired to create a yoga studio on the Capricorn Coast and is stoked to team up with his good buddy Ross O'Reilly and fellow teachers to bring a focused yoga centre to the coastal community he loves to call home.


Certified and Registered Heal Your Life & Teen Empowerment Facilitator, Life Coach, Qualified Counsellor, and Laughter Yoga Consultant

Lee-Ann is an educator in self love and specialises in empowering others to love themselves and the life that they live.


Lee-Ann completed her counselling qualifications through the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors and also holds qualifications in Human Resources and Business.


Lee-Ann is an accredited and licensed Heal Your Life® Workshop Facilitator, Teen Empowerment Facilitator and Life Coach authorised by Hay House, the world's largest personal development publishing house, to facilitate and teach the philosophies of Louise Hay and other renown teachers.


It is Lee-Ann’s belief that we all deserve to live a life filled with love, joy and happiness. This belief inspires Lee-Ann to teach others the personal benefits of looking within to identify their own uniqueness, loving themselves and to truly understand that through opening their heart, they can be of greater service to others.

Luke Delvecchio
mel chef.jpg

Qualified Chef, Personal Trainer, Mother, Business Owner, Certified in Sports Nutrition & currently studying Wholefood Plant Based Nutrition.

Qualified Chef for 14yrs who has been working alongside Ross and the team at Rosslyn Bay Resort for the past five years.

Mel donned he r first cooking apron at the ripe age of 12, working in a family owned pizza store, she believes it was the teamwork and adrenaline of this fast past working environment that had her hooked. Becoming a Chef was inevitable. Mel’s childhood Gymnastic and Athletics background played a major role in her also becoming a Personal Training and Certified in Sports Nutrition.


Being a new mother to two of the most amazing little boys, it became somewhat instinctual of Mel to educate herself and make more conscious and mindful choices when it came to nutrition, overall health and wellbeing for her and her family.

The past 12 months Mel has been engulfed in her studies on Plant Based Nutrition, learning about diet-related conditions and chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some types of cancers. Many of these problems are avoidable simply by being more mindful of what it is your fuelling yourself with.


Mel has now transitioned herself over to a Wholefoods Plant Based Lifestyle and has never felt better, energy, weight, clarity, clear skin and just overall outlook on life. She hopes to now share with others by simply changing one ingredient for another you can make drastic changes to your overall health and wellbeing.   

Prevention b4 Prescription 

Practicing Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist

Growing up in Central Queensland, Stacey’s parents ran their own business, which was principally based on Regenerative Farming; and focused on educating farmers on how to increase the health of their soil, pastures and animals using more holistic models. She suspects this was what led her down the path of Naturopathy, as the principles of Natural medicine mirror many of those which underpin Regenerative Farming.


After school, Stacey kept her inner gypsy very happy by travelling around and exploring the world before settling in Melbourne to study. After graduating in 2011, her and her husband moved back to sunny Queensland where she owned and operated a successful multi-modality wellness clinic, Gladstone Holistic Health; and in late 2015, she became a Mum (her proudest achievement yet!) and started a new business, Cultivating Wellness.


Stacey now has two beautiful children, a dog and some chooks, and lives on a small farm which follows the principles of Regenerative farming, Nutrition farming and permaculture.

As a practicing Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist; Stacey enjoys the challenges of clinical practice and takes clients Australia wide. She is also the nutrition consultant (aka the foodie chick!) for Off the Track Training, which is a global access organisation focused on fitness, food and motivation designed to ensure long term sustainable health and well-being for people in isolation (or anywhere for that matter) whether they are in rural outback Australia or inner city suburbs.


Stacey is nature obsessed, and endlessly blown away by the intelligence of nature and human physiology.

cq wellness


Retreat Participant

   Reviewed November 2017

  The whole weekend was very enlightening, the presenters information on Nutrition and Well-being as well as motivational. The conversation between the guys and Wellness team were valuable during meals and free time.The Spa experience was needed and relaxing.

- Mick Joicey

Retreat Participant

   Reviewed June 2016


“On behalf of my father, sister and myself, thank you.  The transformation of mum in her mind, body and soul since your retreat has been amazing.  The retreat has released all her stress and all she has been holding onto.  It is so humbling to see her happy and peaceful.  We normally have small chats on the phone with her, she rang me on the first day of the retreat while on break and talked non-stop for fifteen minutes about everything she had done and was going to do; I could not get a word in! She was so excited about all she was learning. So to you both and all the staff at the retreat a big heartfelt thank you.  What you all contribute together and in what you offer at the retreat is wonderful.”

- Megan Bradshaw (Daughter of Sue Bradshaw)

Retreat Participant

Reviewed June 2017


Thanks heaps, Ross and everyone at Rosslyn Bay Wellness Retreat. What an amazing experience and the group of women that I shared the weekend with are such great support already. I went to my first Toastmasters! (Speaking on my behalf, I would have NEVER gone before the retreat. I was so scared of public speaking!!!) The positive thinking is truly working! I did the best job interview in my life, last Tuesday, and got the job on the spot! I am talking, joking and smiling to people out and about around town. (I haven’t done that in a long time.) And my kiddies and hubby are happy to have the ‘old’ me back again.  I am handling everyday stress soooo much better.”

-Chloe Kraeft

Retreat Participant

Reviewed June 2017

“I feel as if I'm leading from my heart instead of a cluttered head after the retreat! Many positives happening around me. It really served to cement the many things I have been learning recently and has opened the doorway to greater purpose and more learning. I thank you all for being such wonderful guides in this confusing journey we call life!”



Retreat Participant

Reviewed June 2016


“This was my first ever retreat and all of my expectations were exceeded. I travelled from the Gold Coast to attend because I believed this retreat had all of the content I was looking for. The program was well planned and enabled me to keep an open mind around all aspects of ‘Well-Being’”.

- Jo Schaeffer

Men's Retreat Participant

   Reviewed August 2016


“The retreat experience provided a safe and comfortable atmosphere to experience and put into practice practical and life-changing learnings. The program is perfectly balanced to engage participants across health, nutrition, mind and motivational modalities… I walked away from the retreat with the confidence that my life can change in a positive way… I was supported and encouraged, which made sharing easy and gave me a sense of confidence and belonging… I have new purpose and goals as a result of my learnings, and would encourage men and women alike to extend themselves into a retreat, they will walk away renewed and motivated with a solid practical plan to improve themselves, their family and friends.”

- Rod 


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