Dr. Gillian Ross confirmed for Women's Retreat

We are super excited to announce that our dear friend and long-time mentor, Gillian Ross will holding a workshop day on Sunday the 10th February.


A long time meditator and yoga practitioner, Gillian is best known for her relaxation and meditation CDs which she started recording through the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in the early nineties. She has also published four books on science and mysticism. Her latest is entitled Consciousness V Catastrophe: Reflections o...n the Next Stage of Human Evolution.

Evolutionary Spirituality celebrates a new story for humanity telling us that our universe is a living evolving endlessly creative mystery and that each of us is a unique sacred expression of its Divine consciousness. It is a story that can awaken a whole new sense of self, bringing purpose and meaning into our lives as we begin to play our part in this awesome cosmic drama.

Gillian left academic and city life in the mid eighties and set out with her three young sons to pursue an alternative lifestyle. Her 40 acre home in northern NSW has become a place for spiritual retreats and residential workshops on Evolutionary Spirituality and Sacred Activism.

Call 0418 757 097 for bookings or email ross@rbwellness.com.au


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