Introducing WildCard Wednesdays and our new Instructor Celine!

Hey yoga fam!

November is almost here and we have some exciting announcements for the “Zen Den” this month and some new offerings our ever evolving class schedule. We are introducing a new class WildCard Wednesday which will be taken by various teachers and include meditations, reflections, group activities and breathwork.

We also would like to welcome our new teacher Celine all the way from Switzerland to the team:

My name is Céline and I would call myself a yoginomad. For the last 2 years I was travelling the world with my yogamat and was teaching yoga wherever I could.

I fell in love with yoga 8 years ago when i went to my first yoga class. And for 4 years I have been teaching and sharing my love of movement and growth of the soul. Yoga has taught me so much about who I am as a person, how to treat my body and also how to treat those around me. My mission is to enjoy a very happy and healthy life doing the things I love, whilst trying to help others make positive changes to their lives.

Nothing shifts unless something changes. Are you ready to take the first step to taking your life to the next level?

My background as a fitness trainer and nurse allows me to integrate the various biodynamic aspects of the body into my teaching and to combine the functionality of the body with spirituality.

Looking forward to see you on the mat.

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