Last Wellness Retreat for 2020!

We are super excited to announce that we will be hosting one more retreat before the end of the year. Our dedicated women’s retreats are a unique program offering self-care tools that will nourish, heal, and create increasingly fast shifts to higher levels of health and well-being. During the weekend, our wellness professionals offer a range of informative sessions covering topics that include the following: - Nutrition specific to women’s health - Foundations of self-love - Yoga therapy - Meditation - Mindfulness - Letting go and living in the NOW - Labyrinth Letting Go ceremony - Reprogramming limiting beliefs - Cultivating practices in forgiveness, gratitude, surrender - Setting goals - Co-creating the future you desire - Organic permaculture farm excursion and fresh produce harvests - Cooking classes using organic fresh farm produce

The menu over the weekend, including fresh organic food straight from our permaculture farm, is nourishing, cleansing, satisfying, fortifying... and delicious! All meals are gluten free and we cater for any dietary restrictions.

Our friend and Teacher Carla Pearce (Lozang Tsultrim) will be joining us for the weekend and teaching a special workshop on "Mindfulness in Action", teaching how we can use a number of practices to become more mindful every day to improve literally every part of our lives. 

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